Margot Cole: Peer filmmaker and advocate

Margot Cole, a peer member with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, is an independent filmmaker from New York City. Margot writes, directs, and produces all of her films herself. She and her production group, Crip Video Productions, work toward increased understanding of people with disabilities through storytelling.  Her films are made by people with varying disabilities, feature characters with disabilities, and are marketed by people with disabilities. 

Margot recently graduated college with a liberal arts degree. She plans on pursuing her Master's degree in biology.

Currently, she is preparing for a special screening event for her film “A Stroke of Endurance” in March, 2018 at the Teatro Paraguas Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“I am inspired in my creativity by others with disabilities, such as actor Gregg Mozgala’s journey to become a dancer,” said Margot. 

A major concern Margot has in the disability rights world is the issue of assisted suicide. She carries a strong viewpoint against any bill that allows for assisted suicide. “It is crucial that New Yorkers with disabilities preserve their right to life and make sure that society understands that life with a disability is something of great value,” she asserted.

Margot’s concern is echoed throughout the disability rights community. She is a valued member of the LDCEP and we look forward to following her accomplishments.

How to show your support: Watch Margot’s films at or follow her blog at